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Marge Dursley


Marjorie Eileen Dursley is the older sister of Vernon Dursley. Although no blood relation of Harry Potter, he has been taught to call her ‘Aunt Marge’.


Marge is a large and unpleasant woman whose main interest in life is breeding bulldogs. She believes in corporal punishment and plain speaking, which is what she calls being offensive. Marge is secretly in love with a neighbour called Colonel Fubster, who looks after her dogs when she is away. He will never marry her, due to her truly horrible personality. This unrequited passion fuels a lot of her nasty behaviour to other people.


Marge dotes on Dudley, her only nephew. She does not know that Harry Potter, who lives with her relatives, is a wizard. She believes him to be the offspring of two unemployed layabouts who dumped their son on their hardworking relatives, Vernon and Petunia. The latter, who are terrified of the prejudiced and outspoken Marge finding out the truth, have fostered this impression over many years.


When Harry becomes angry with Aunt Marge, who has been insulting his parents, and loses control over his magical abilities, she is blown up like a barrage balloon. Two members of the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad must be dispatched from the Ministry of Magic to deal with this incident and modify Aunt Marge’s memory. From that time forward, the Dursleys do not invite Marge to stay while Harry is in residence and he never sees her again.


J.K. Rowling’s Thoughts JK羅琳的想法

I regret making Aunt Marge a breeder of bulldogs, as I now know them to be a non-aggressive breed. My sister owns one and he’s the most loveable, affectionate dog you could hope to meet. On the other hand, they do look grumpy, and on appearance alone seemed to suit Aunt Marge.



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The Original Forty


J.K. Rowling’s Thoughts JK羅琳的想法

Two of my most prized possessions are a pair of small notebooks, which contain my very first scribblings about Harry Potter. Much of what is written in them was never used in the series, although it is startling to come across the odd line of dialogue that subsequently made it, verbatim, to publication.


In one of the books is a list of forty names of students in Harry’s year (including Harry, Ron and Hermione), all allocated houses, with small symbols beside each name depicting each boy or girl’s parentage.


While I imagined that there would be considerably more than forty students in each year at Hogwarts, I thought that it would be useful to know a proportion of Harry’s classmates, and to have names at my fingertips when action was taking place around the school.


As the stories evolved, I changed the parentage of some of the original forty. While some never appeared in the books at all, I always knew that they were there; some had surgery to their names after their first creation; a few emerged from the background to have their own secondary stories (Ernie Macmillan, Hannah Abbott, Justin Finch-Fletchley), and one, Neville Longbottom, developed into a very important character. It is very strange to look at the list in this tiny notebook now, slightly water-stained by some forgotten mishap, and covered in light pencil scribblings (undoubtedly the work of my then infant daughter, Jessica), and to think that while I was writing these names, and refining them, and sorting them into houses, I had no clue where they were going to go (or where they were going to take me).


Here, then, are the original forty:


Abbott, Hannah 漢娜.艾寶
Bones, Susan 蘇珊.波恩
Boot, Trevor 特雷弗.布特
Brocklehurst, Mandy 曼蒂.布洛賀
Brown, Lavender 文妲.布朗
Bulstrode, Millicent 米莉森.布洛德
Corner, Michael 麥可.寇那
Cornfoot, Stephen 斯蒂芬.康福特
Crabbe, Vincent 文生.克拉
Davis, Tracey 特蕾茜.戴维斯
Entwhistle, Kevin 凱文.安特惠索
Finch-Fletchley, Justin 賈斯汀.方列里
Finnigan, Seamus 西莫.斐尼干
Goldstein, Anthony 安東尼.金坦
Goyle, Gregory 葛果里.高爾
Granger, Hermione - inserted in pencil, see crossed-out entry, below 妙麗.格蘭傑 – 用鉛筆插入,見下面被劃掉的條目
Greengrass, Queenie 昆妮.綠茵
Hopkins, Wayne 韋恩.霍普金斯
Jones, Megan 梅根.瓊斯
Li, Sue 蘇.李 或 李蘇
Longbottom, Neville - inserted in ink, see crossed out entry, below 奈威.隆巴頓 – 用墨水插入,見下面被劃掉的條目
MacDougal, Isobel (original name Katrina crossed out) 伊莎貝爾.麥道格爾 [原本的名字凱翠娜被劃掉]
Macmillan, Ernest 厄內斯特.麥米蘭
Malfoy, Draco - inserted in ink, see crossed-out entry, below 跩哥.馬份 – 用墨水插入,見下面被劃掉的條目
Malone, Roger 羅傑.馬隆
Moon, Lily (first intimation of Luna Lovegood, this name was never used, but gave me an idea for a fey, dreamy girl. She was named before I decided on Harry’s mother’s name.) 莉莉.慕恩 [產生露娜.羅古德一開始名字的開端,這個名字從來沒有被用過,但是給了我寫出一個古怪夢幻的女孩的主意。她的名字在我決定哈利母親的名字之前就有了]
Nott, Theodore 西奧多.諾特
Parkinson, Pansy 潘西.帕金森
Patel, Madhari 馬妲爾莉.巴提
Patel, Mati 馬蒂.巴提
Perks, Sally-Anne 莎莉-安.波斯
Potter, Harry 哈利.波特
(Puckle, Hermione - crossed out, name changed and reinserted, above) [妙麗.帕克爾 – 劃掉,改名重新插入,見上]
(Puff, Neville - crossed out, name changed and reinserted, above) [奈威.帕夫 – 劃掉,改名重新插入,見上]
(Quirrel, crossed out, subsequently used for teacher) [奎若 – 劃掉,後來用為教授名]
Rivers, Oliver 奧利佛.里佛斯
Roper, Sophie 蘇菲.羅柏
(Sidebottom, Neville crossed out) [奈威.賽巴頓 – 劃掉]
Smith, Sally (Georgina crossed out) 莎莉.史密[喬治娜劃掉]
(Spungen, changed to Spinks, Draco, all crossed out, re-inserted above) [史龐根,改為馬份.斯賓克斯,全部劃掉,重新插入,見上]
Thomas, Gary 蓋瑞.湯馬斯
Turpin, Lisa 莉莎.杜平
Weasley, Ronald 榮恩.衛斯理
Zabini, Blaise 布雷司.剎比

譯註:羅琳媽媽在寫名單的時候用的格式是[姓,名],柳竹中文翻譯的模式則是[名,姓]。名單中一些名字是書裡面沒有出現的,有些則是在名單上有較正式的名字。譬如阿尼.麥米蘭 Ernie Macmillan的正式名稱應為厄內斯特.麥米蘭Ernest Macmillan(Ernie為Ernest較親暱的稱呼);榮恩.衛斯理 Ron Weasley的正式名字則為隆納.衛斯理 Ronald Weasley(Ron為Ronald較親暱的稱呼,美國第四十任總統雷根也叫做Ronald)。

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