"He is just a boy"

Many years ago...

"I am Draco, Draco Malfoy"
But the boy didn't answer him...

How dare you are!

Draco cursed, famous Harry Pottah...

Humph, he's asking for trouble anyway, I'll make him suffer.


His heart beating fast and loudly
"What should I do NOW..." he is thinking nervously

he needs to calm down now...

Fear struck and spread all over his body, trying to throw him down like a wild beast, trying to submerge him like a huge wave, like a dementor...

He wants to cry, but he cannot
He wants to give up, but dark lord will kill him
He wants to go home, but he have to do this 
He wants to be happy, but it's impossible

A footstep came from behind the toilet

Is Harry

"No, please..."

too late, he already knew

"Noonono, go away please, you this fool" he thinks

series of silent spells...
"Sectumsempra! "

Pain, There seems to be only pain left in this heartless world...


the night on the astronomy tower, 
The breeze that should have been comfortable seemed to have turned into a cold wind, hitting his trembling body like a thorn.

"I - I don't want to kill Dumbledore. I CAN'T do it..." 

Fear ran through his body again, and he tried hard not to look scared, but it wasn't easy. The trembling hands, deeply furrowed brows, and sore and stinging eyes all let him failed again.

"You are not a kill, Draco"